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Reiki Services

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About Me

How does a business woman from a medical family become a Reiki Practitioner? In an effort to find answers to complex health conditions for myself and my loved ones, I went on a journey that transcended time and space. Over the past 15 years, I met person after person, from all walks of life, that believed in the body's innate ability to heal itself. Intrigued by the notion of self-healing, I learned from them more about the world of energy medicine as though through osmosis. After years of informal training, the business woman in me decided to become certified. It is here where I was trained on a more structured approach to energy therapy called Reiki.  

My Reiki Services

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Reiki Healing

Reiki Healing Attunement

A special attunement to address an issue or unmet goal, followed by a traditional Reiki session.


Traditional Reiki

A 30 minute relaxing Reiki session, preceded by a brief consultation, followed by a de-brief.


Surprise Me Reiki

A 30 minute relaxing Reiki session, followed by a de-brief.


Meditation Class
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Group Reiki

A 60 minute demo of Reiki in a group session.  Variations depending on the size of the group.

$165 - 250 (depending on location)*

Business Reiki (For Owners)

Send Reiki to the heart of your organization (you!) on the road to business health.  



$90 -165 (based on time requested)*

Pet Reiki

Extend Reiki love to your best friends, big and small during, a 30 minute distance session.


*Plus tax. Processing fees may also apply.


"My session with Betty was extremely beneficial for both my mental wellbeing and overall health. Her Reiki techniques helped me to understand myself better and provided a most healing experience. I recommend it to all."

Isa A. From Miami

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